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The Movement

Francisco Nchama will run in the 2023 presidential elections of Equatorial Guinea on a progressive movement platform centered around ten key reforms inspired by democratic principle, and designed to promote economic growth and prosperity in Equatorial Guinea.


Francisco Nchama will aim to inspire and restore hope among all Equatoguineans who aspire for a democratic society; his movement seeks to prove democracy remains in reach and that an alternative political model is possible through change. 


The progressive movement campaign will focus on enhancing the quality of life for all Equatoguineans through increased and transparent spending on welfare services, powered by a robust economic plan to increase foreign investment and jobs. However, after decades of centralized government, change will not come easy. Restoring the trust and faith of Equatoguineans, the international business community, and diplomatic partners will require meaningful reform and determined leadership.


Promoting rule-of-law and responsible governance through transparency and reform will be crucial to bringing jobs and growth to Equatorial Guinea through both faith in governance, and investment in the country. Francisco also believes that executive, economic and judicial decision-making should remain independent in a fair and balanced society and economy. A cornerstone of Nchama 2023 will be decentralizing government, and restoring the balance of power back to their democratic institutions, and ultimately the people of Equatorial Guinea. Francisco will file a formal application with the Electoral Commission of Equatorial Guinea in 2023.

Francisco's ambitious reform plan for Equatorial Guinea will seek to achieve:

  • A reinforced welfare system supported by economic growth fueled by a competitive and open economy; 

  • Increased spending on public infrastructure and energy projects

  • Empowered youth and civil society through increased access to education and voice in government;

  • Restoring diplomatic relations with western allies;

  • Competitive tax rates for domestic and international companies; 

  • Harmonizing laws with the international community;

  • Establishing a well-governed and transparent sovereign wealth fund;

  • Ensuring a demographically diverse and inclusive public workforce;

  • An ambitious reform plan for state-owned energy enterprises;

  • A fair multi-party system that protects freedom of speech and fair elections;

  • A democratic and prosperous Equatorial Guinea.

movimiento progresista
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