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Meet Francisco Nchama

In the coming months Francisco Nchama will campaign for the Presidency of Equatorial Guinea. A democratic and prosperous Equatorial Guinea is the cornerstone of Nchama 2023, and is the driving force behind his ambition to run for President. His campaign will mark the first time of his return to Equatorial Guinea since his family left in 1976 to build a life in Spain. 

Francisco stepped away from his career as an economic policy advisor to found the Progressive Movement of Equatorial Guinea in 2020. He is an economist by training and profession, and has served as an external consultant to the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and UNCTAD, the United Nation's Conference for Trade and Development in Geneva Switzerland. He has spent the past decade advising countries on achieving economic growth through policy changes and public sector reform. His experience in economic policy and international diplomacy has prepared him for the challenges of public office, and for implementing the necessary economic and political reforms he feels Equatorial Guinea desperately needs. This will be the first time that he seeks to serve in public office.

In addition to his private sector experience, Francisco is a devout Christian, and allows his faith to guide him both in his professional and private life. He is passionate about interfaith initiatives and plans to use his Presidency as a global platform to pioneer interfaith understanding and cooperation.


Francisco earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Barcelona in Spain and has a master's degree in economics from Boston University in the United States of America. He is the proud husband to Selena, and a father to two daughters.

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